danijay_sfondo_danimarcaDanijay was born in Genoa in 1977. He began deejaying in clubs in 1994 and producing in 2003. He started his career with the single Il Gioco dell’Amore, which was one of the best-selling Dance CD singles and vinyls in 2003; a hit in TOP 10 Sales Chart (national and international albums and CD singles); it reached top spots in Italian and European Dance Radio Charts and scored the No 3 spot in the Radio Deejay‘s Deejay Parade.

After breaking into the Dance music scene with this major hit song, he released his second single, I Fiori di Lillà, which can boast the collaboration with the acclaimed Italian singer-songwriter Alberto Fortis. It was played during the popular Passaparola TV quiz show (Canale 5).

In 2004, his third single Luna Nera, reached N.°22 in the Top Sales Chart (national and international CD singles).

Say Me, released in 2005, was included in many European compilations.

The same year, L’Impazienza represented Italy in the most important European Dance Contest (eurodanceweb) with a panel of best-in-class websites and magazines.

On the 20th of January 2006, he released his first album, Dance & Breakfast, on Universal label. The  project was chosen to give a new lease of life to a genuine – made in Italy – Italodance. Tracing Danijay’s complete history, it contained 17 tracks, from I fiori di lillà to some summer hits; together with amazing remixes cooperating with most popular DJ of the likes of Provenzano Dj, Gabry Ponte and Luca Zeta; brand new songs in Italian, English and Spanish, an original song with Roby Rossini entitled Arcobaleno that was a hit with fans. Some days after its release, Dance & Breakfast entered the Top Sales Chart in Italy, officially disclosed by F.I.M.I., placing at No 63.

On the 9th of February 2006 Danijay started his collaboration with m2o radio with his own show, the Chemical Area and as a Tribe’s permanent guest.

On December 2006 produced Time 4 Xmas, a genuine Christmas song.

He worked with Luca Zeta on the release of Dance Passion Volume 1 (released in 2006), Dance Passion Volume 2 (released in 2007) e Dance Passion Volume 3 (released in 2008). Together with Provenzano DJ collaborated on Catch Me and Ride The Way.

In June 2008 comes the revolutionary second album, whose work has involved the staff for many months: Plug & Play contains 31 songs tracing his creative path and published with an innovative concept. For the first time ever an audio-video player is intended as support, instead of the CD, allowing a variety of content up to that moment than ever.

In June 2012, after a four years break, he made a comeback on the music scene remixing the latest song from Roby Rossini in collaboration with Beatgeil Explode.





Collaborations and Remixes

  • Danijay feat. Alberto Fortis – Senza Fretta
  • Dee Bee – Everytime (Danijay Rmx)
  • Provenzano Dj + Danijay – Ride The Way (90′s fever mix)
  • Provenzano Dj – Right or Wrong (Danijay rmx)
  • Provenzano Dj + Danijay – Catch Me
  • Provenzano Dj + Danijay – Catch Me (Danijay jump rmx)
  • Provenzano Dj – Vibe (Danijay rmx)
  • LA COMPAGNIA DEL MASTELLO feat STB – You’re my Destiny (DANIJAY ext mix)
  • LUCA ZETA – My Angel (Danijay rmx)
  • LUCA ZETA – Don’t forget it (Danijay ext rmx)
  • DEE BEE – Every Time (Danijay rmx)
  • STEFY NRG – I Need My Music (Danijay rmx)
  • SUPERNOVA – Cataclisma (Danijay rmx)
  • Danijay Vs Iacono – Experience
  • Danijay Vs Iacono – Stay With Me
  • Danijay Vs TBM DJ – Oui c’est l’Amour
  • Danijay Vs TBM DJ – The Night Before
  • Danijay Vs LoveForce – Revolution
  • Danijay Vs Overland – Ask 4 More
  • Danijay Vs Overland – Consequence
  • Danijay Vs Overland – Don’t Let Me Down
  • Danijay Vs Overland – Egoist
  • Danijay Vs Alexandre – The Dance Floor (Extended)
  • Stefy NRG – I Need My Music (Danijay Remix)
  • Supernova – Cataclisma (Danijay Remix)
  • Danijay Feat Roby Rossini – Arcobaleno
  • Roby Rossini & Beatgeil – Explode (Danijay rmx)